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Stuart Flom's desire to offer answers to the growing number of people with low vision fueled his founding of AdaptiVision low vision equipment in 1994. Stuart enjoys helping people with low vision become more independent through AdaptiVision's reading, writing and daily living aids. His background in teaching combined with his experience in the development of vision lighting technology has resulted in a company which provides the best video magnifier solutions specific to the individual's needs.

Although receiving the news that you have low vision can feel devastating, we want to encourage you that today's technology and support from AdaptiVision can enable you to become independent again!

While we live in an age of great advancements, manufacturers do not always make products simple for the user to operate. AdaptiVision strongly believes that our low vision products should be streamlined and easy to use.

At AdaptiVision, we understand the importance of simplicity.

Our mission is to serve the New England Low Vision population with the highest level of integrity and support.

man using one of our products

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